Alex Youck School Museum

Alex Youck School Museum

Step into the past with the Alex Youck School Museum

The museum is a showroom of teaching artifacts and archival documents dating back to the 1800s.

The museum provides a Regina Public Schools students and teachers a hands-on experience. It offers an opportunity to relive Saskatchewan's rich educational heritage. School classes are invited to visit the museum.

The Alex Youck School Museum is now administered and hosted by Regina Public Schools Outdoor Environmental Education and is integrated with the Saskatchewan curriculum. In the museum, students can have a classroom experience featuring:

  • slate blackboards,
  • washstands,
  • pot belly stove, wood box and coal pail
  • ink wells and feather pens
  • early Queen Victoria and Canadian readers
  • a 1910 wall map,
  • cast iron desks with wooden tops
  • an 1880s slide projector
  • teaching supplies and hardware from many eras
  • yearbooks, pennants, pictures and memorabilia from all Regina Public Schools current and former.

Regina Public School classes are welcome!  See the poster here.

For more information, please contact Regina Public Schools Outdoor and Environmental Education at 306 523 3150