News From Our Classrooms

Regina Public Schools publishes stories about what's going on in our classrooms and our schools. A selection of those stories are publishished here.

  Epic Fundraising Success for the United Way 


     Regina Public Schools Celebrates GSD





     Travis Price Inspires Thom Students




New Cree Language Buffalo Books Launched.


Regina Public Schools raises funds for the United Way!  


Launch-a-Rocket Results for 2015 are here!


Balfour Collegiate staff participate in First Nations Blanket Exercise.


  Sharon Meredith wins music educator award!





  Summer reading program offers important literacy opportunities.



  F.W. Johnson Collegiate students learn through their Outdoor School experience. Read more here.




Congratulations to two Regina Public Schools teachers who were awarded for inspiring students to learn French! Click here for more details.


  Grade 9 "Try a Career Days" a success! Read more here.





 Read about a unique literacy and art project involving students in Thom Collegiate's Deaf and Hard of Hearing program.


Vocational students put practical skills to use. Read more here.




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut? Coronation Park School students found out as described in this article.


  Celebration of the Shared Values at work. Story about the 2014-15 Shared Values recipients. Read more here.


 Rosemont Reads! School's goal is to have 90% of students reading at or above grade level by end of school year 2015. See how they are doing it!


Campbell Collegiate student Jonah Toth writes about Campbell's Me To We Team, We Day and Free the Children. Read about We Day activities throughout Regina Public Schools, as described by Jonah.


Mr. Jack MacKenzie, who established the Random Acts of Kindness Trust Fund, is downsizing and donating the proceeds to the Fund. Read about the Fund, how money is being raised, and more about the school, that is Jack MacKenzie's namesake. You can also read a Regina Leader-Post story about it too!

Read about the Aboriginal Advocacy program at Regina Public Schools.




Martin Collegiate's Monarch's Yard Work is a project aimed at building student skills and establishing positive community relationships. Read more about the program.

Learn how The Martin Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Initiative, founded by former Prime Minister Martin, has resulted in some innovative and delicious program at Scott Collegiate. You can even buy tickets for the Taste of Scott event on January 15, 2015.


For months, students in a Douglas Park School  Grade 5 class have been making headlines by competing with students across Canada in Math. Read about numeracy and the activities at the school that are creating Mathletes!