Literacy and Numeracy Instructional Framework (LNIF)

 The Literacy and Numeracy Instructional Framework aims to strengthen the instructional program and enhance learning and achievement for all students in literacy, numeracy, and all curricular areas through a common teaching and learning framework that enhances and supports effective instruction, assessment, and intervention for all students.

The goals of the Literacy and Numeracy Instructional Framework are to:

  • Guide decisions about teaching and learning practices and, in particular, in the areas of literacy and numeracy
  • Use sound evidence-based teaching and learning practices reflecting current professional knowledge and an understanding of inquiry
  • Develop a shared professional language for teaching and learning
  • Support the professional learning of teaching regarding effective practice

For additional information please contact Juanita Redekopp-McKeown - Supervisor of Instruction ( or 306.523.3136).