School Services

School Services

The School Services Department has the major responsibility for all day-to-day school operations.

This includes elementary and high school teacher staffing, as well as supervision and evaluation of teachers and school-based administrators.

The School Services Department is also responsible for the recruitment and selection process of new administrators and the leadership and enhancement of school and division-level educational administrators.

In addition, School Services is responsible for:

Department Responsibilities:

  • Administration/Leadership Selection Process
  • Community Relations
  • Community Schools
  • Driver Education
  • Elementary Band Program
  • Elementary Leadership Meetings
  • High School Leadership Meetings
  • Leadership Enhancement and Development
  • Lending Services
  • Library Services
  • Nutrition Programming
  • Police/Health/Emergency Issues
  • Research Projects
  • Resource Officer Steering Committee
  • School Community Councils
  • School Emergency Preparedness
  • Staffing Projections (with M. Whiting)
  • Summer School
  • Teacher Staffing – Elementary
  • Teacher Staffing – High School
  • Teacher Staffing – French Immersion
  • Teacher Supervision & Evaluation
  • Teacher Contracts/Staff Requisitions

Please see School Operations Information.  This online resource provides necessary information for principals in supporting the operation of their schools.

Mike Walter, Deputy Director (306) 523-3012

Terri Baldwin, Superintendent (306) 523-3037

Karla Kober Cairns, Executive Assistant (306) 523-3025