FTV Surveys

It is time to hear the voices!!!!  Student and teacher surveys are critical to our shared FTV work.  It is our opportunity to hear the voices.


In particular for students, this is a significant opportunity to share their voices….. The more student voices we have represented through the survey, the more accurate sense we have of how/what students believe/feel.  Please give students 10 minutes in class to complete this survey:


Student link: https://followingtheirvoices.ca/ftv/surveys/#/anon/code/p50aouMJ (code: p50aouMJ)

If students need a paper copy, I have attached one to this email. Have them complete the survey and then drop it off in my mailbox! 



Teacher survey link: Be sure you have already signed in to the FTV website (found here: https://www.followingtheirvoices.ca/#/).