High school graduation is an important and exciting time for our Grade 12 students and their families. The purpose of this page is to keep everyone informed about upcoming graduation events. Here you will find information about the Cap and Gown ceremony and the graduation celebration. It is our goal as a staff at Balfour to have an enjoyable and memorable graduation for our students and you, their families.

2024 Balfour Collegiate Graduation Booklet


Graduation Requirements and Participation in the Cap and Gown Ceremony

In order to participate in the Graduation Ceremony (Cap and Gown) a student must have received credit for all compulsory classes and have the minimum required credits determined by the Ministry of Education. A student who has not completed these requirements in June but will complete them in the following semester may elect to have their composite photo taken with this graduation class and attend Prom. If a student needs more than one semester to meet the graduation requirements it is more appropriate that they participate in next year's graduation proceedings. Need to request an official transcript from the Ministry of Education? Click here: Sask Ministry of Education Transcript Requests