Final Assessment Schedule -SEE CHANGES DUE TO SANCTIONS


Balfour Collegiate Final Exam Schedule


Mon. June 17th


Prepare for FINALS



Period 2 Exam in the AM

Period 4 Exam in the PM

Tues. June 18th


LAST day of classes



Period 3 Exam in the AM

Period 5 Exam in the PM

Wed. June 19th



Period l - 8:30

Thurs.June 20th



Period 2 - 8:30

Period 3 - 1:04

Fri. June 21st



Period 4 - 8:30

Mon. June 24th



Period 5 - 8:30

Tues. June 25th


Wed. June 26th

Thurs.June 27th


Fri. June 28th


** Regina City Transit Bus will arrange to pick up at 10:30 after the exam

** As of right now, please see the CRP final exam schedule on the 17th & 18th